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Bill Pay Updates and Improvements!

Fortress Bank is excited to announce an updated Online Bill Payment service with a new look, improved navigation, and new security to make your bill payment experience even better.


Online Bill Pay Enhancements Include:

  • Streamlined Bill Payment navigation to move easily between approval, payment, and history tasks and to better facilitate paying and approving multiple bills at once.
  • Better positioned links for administrative-type tasks such as reports and user settings. These links now appear to the right of the payment windows.
  • Bill Pay’s powerful reporting tool now includes graphs to better analyze how money is spent.
  • Bill Pay’s new “Balance Worksheet” lets you view, and plan payments based on account balance(s).
  • New security feature to alert you, via email, when a new account is added to the Bill Payment service. Designed to prevent fraudsters unauthorized payment accounts without your knowledge.

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