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UPDATE - 11/4/22

CONVERSION IS NOW IN PROGRESS - Changes to your Cavion profile are no longer possible.
In most cases your current username will work with our new digital banking system. However, current usernames will not work if they contain:

  • Less than six characters
  • More than twenty characters
  • Spaces
  • Special characters (anything other than a letter or a number is a special character)

If your current username falls into one of these categories, you can fix it by signing into the current Online Banking system and following these three easy steps.

Step 1 - Click on OPTIONS in the Main Tool Bar

The OPTIONS menu will open as shown below.

Step 2 - Select CUSTOMER INFO from the Options menu

The CUSTOMER INFO window will open as shown below. In the Customer Info window, scroll down if necessary to locate the Alternate Login field.

Step 3 - Enter a new username in ALTERNATE LOGIN

Enter a new and VALID username. Make sure it has at least six characters, no more than twenty characters, contains only letters or numbers (no special characters), and no spaces.
Then, click the SUBMIT button.
You can use the alternate username you just created to log in to the current online banking system and, more importantly, completing these steps ensures that you'll be able to sign into the new digital banking system as soon as it goes live on November 7th.