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Q. Why is Fortress Bank changing to a new digital banking system?

A. Our current online banking system is being discontinued in 2023 so we’re taking this opportunity to upgrade to a new digital banking system that provides a unified solution for mobile and web users and a more modern, full featured, and user-friendly interface.

Q. What are the primary differences in the new digital banking system?

A. There are three primary differences between the legacy online banking system and the new digital banking system.

First, the new digital banking system provides a unified user experience across web and mobile solutions. Regardless of web or mobile, users have access to the same banking functions and a consistent user experience.

The new system also provides separate solutions for personal banking and business banking. Personal banking users will use one web address or mobile app and business banking users will use another.

Finally, the new system now allows users to sign in into either web or mobile using the same username and password. Separate credentials for web and mobile are no longer needed.

Q. What web browsers are supported with the new digital banking system?

A. The current version and one previous version of the following web browsers are supported: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari (MacOS only). Older versions of these browsers may be compatible with digital banking, but we recommend users keep their web browsers up to date.

Internet Explorer has been discontinued by Microsoft and is no longer supported.

Q. Do I need a new mobile app for the new digital banking system?

A. Existing users of the legacy Fortress mobile banking app who plan to use the new personal digital banking system should NOT need to download a new mobile app. Your existing Fortress mobile app should be updated automatically if you have automatic updates enabled on your mobile device. Otherwise, you will need to visit your app store to update the existing app.

NEW users of personal digital banking will have to download the Fortress Bank app from the app store.

All users of the new business digital banking app will have to download the Fortress Business app from the app store.

Q. I use both online and mobile banking. Do I need separate log-ins?

A. No. You can use the same username and password to access the new digital banking system via website or mobile app. You will however need separate credentials for personal banking and business banking if you use both.

Q. I have business and personal accounts with Fortress Bank. Can I access both types of accounts through a single personal or business digital banking login?

A. We recommend that customers use personal digital banking for personal accounts and business digital banking for business accounts. This helps ensure that personal and business transactions stay separate. If you wish to combine personal and business accounts under a single log in, please contact your business banking representative, or your local branch.