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UPDATE - 11/4/22

CONVERSION IS NOW IN PROGRESS - Changes to your Cavion profile are no longer possible.
Help us keep you informed and make sure we can get you information you need to prepare for our digital banking conversion. Sign into the current online banking system and follow the steps below to update the email address in your online banking profile.

Step 1 - Click on OPTIONS in the Main Tool Bar

The OPTIONS menu will open as shown below.

Step 2 - Select CUSTOMER INFO from the Options menu

The CUSTOMER INFO window will open as shown below. In the Customer Info window, scroll down if necessary to locate the Email Address field.

Step 3 - Enter your Email Address

If necessary, enter your current email address in the Email Address field.
Then, click the SUBMIT button.
Making sure your email address is correct in your current online banking profile will help us keep you informed of upcoming changes and help us get in touch with you to help make sure your online accounts are ready for conversion to the new digital banking system.