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Fortress Bank eBusiness Treasury Solutions

Fortress Bank eBusiness Treasury Solutions will help your business manage cash balances to maximize earning potential and minimize costs. Your financial management process will be simplified and you will control how and when cash moves in and out of your company. eBusiness Treasury Solutions will help you track the all of the players, manage your bank accounts and time your receipts and payments.

We offer a number of online eBusiness Treasury Solutions tools such as automated electronic payments, daily cash position reports, fraud control and account activity alerts, as well as basic online banking services such as online transfers, up to date account history, e-statements and access to images of canceled checks, designed to help you manage your business processes easily and efficiently.


eBusiness Treasury Solutions Services

Fortress Bank’s online EBiz Treasury Solutions services include:

  • Balance reporting, including daily collected and float balances
  • ACH origination - consumer and commercial EFT transactions
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payments (EFTPS)
  • Wire transfers - domestic and international requests
  • Sub-user Administration

ACH origination allows your company to send deposits and collect payments or transfer funds between consumer and commercial accounts at Fortress Bank and accounts at other financial institutions through the EFT/ACH payment network. The following transactions can be accomplished using ACH origination:

  • Consumer Transactions
  • Direct Deposit of Employee Payroll
  • Collect Consumer Payments
  • Commercial Transactions

Use the Commercial Transactions templates to transfer funds between Fortress Bank accounts and accounts your company has with other financial institutions. You can use this type of payment to consolidate deposits from several business locations into your general company account at our institution. Your company can also send and collect payments for goods and services through the ACH network.


The Accounts tab allows you to view a summary of all checking, savings, loans and credit card accounts and their account balances. Additional account functions are available from the drop down menu or "make a selection" links on the Account Summary page:

  • Detail/Recent Transactions - view additional details on the account and a quick history display of the most recent transactions.
  • History - request up to two years of transaction history reports and/or download transaction activity to other software programs.
  • Statements - access up to two years of account statements.
  • Transfer From - transfer from this account to another online account.

Notify Me Alerts

Use the Notify Me feature to set your e-mail alert preferences.

  • Set account activity alerts to receive e-mail notification when the account balance goes above or below a specific dollar amount, when the account is overdrawn, when a deposit is made, or a specific check has cleared.
  • Set unusual activity alerts to receive e-mail notification when a transaction over a specific dollar amount clears the account.
  • Set messaging alerts to receive e-mail notification whenever an in-session message is sent to your online inbox.


Transfer funds quickly and easily between Fortress Bank accounts. You can schedule transfers on a future date or on a recurring schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually).


The security of your company and account information is of the utmost importance. We take an extra measure of protection by utilizing high-end firewalls and exclusive encryption software to prevent unauthorized access from the outside. It's like having a bank vault protecting your data 24x7.

Fortress Bank provides state-of-the-art technology and a wide array of financial products and services you need to maintain close control of your company's cash functions.