Senior Leaders

  • Lee H. Garlach

    Chairman of the Board & President of First State Bancorporation, Inc.

    Location: Quad Cities

    Office: 563-362-0453

    Email: moc.ssertrofknab@hcalragl

    NMLS #462229

  • Dean A. Heinzmann

    Fortress Bank Vice Chairman of the Board

    Location: Peoria

    Office: 309-966-4850

    Email: moc.ssertrofknab@nnamzniehd

    NMLS #462228

  • Keith Worner

    Fortress Bank President

    Location: Quad Cities

    Office: 563-362-0444

    Email: moc.ssertrofknab@renrowk

    NMLS #1389899

  • Andrew J. Bastert

    Fortress Bank Regional President

    Location: La Harpe

    Office: 217-659-7776

    Email: moc.ssertrofknab@tretsaba

  • Michael T. Bavery

    Senior Vice President – Chief Credit Officer and Risk Management

    Location: Carthage

    Office: 217-357-3112

    Email: moc.ssertrofknab@yrevabm

    NMLS #432223

  • Troy McCrery

    Senior Vice President – Retail Banking Division

    Location: Quad Cities

    Office: 309-734-9446

    Email: moc.ssertrofknab@yrerCcMT

    NMLS #1281798

  • Lisa Lewis

    Senior Vice President- Mortgage Banking

    Location: Quad Cities

    Office: 563-362-0424

    Email: moc.ssertrofknab@siweLL

    NMLS #509281

  • Brian Kardell

    Senior Vice President – Information Systems and Operations

    Location: Quad Cities

    Office: 563-362-0433

    Email: moc.ssertrofknab@lledraKB

  • Sean McGuire

    Senior Vice President – Financial Officer

    Location: Quad Cities

    Office: 563-362-0444

    Email: moc.ssertrofknab@eriugcms

  • Jeff Schieferle Uhlenbrock

    Senior Vice President – Head of Commercial Banking

    Location: Peoria

    Office: 309-966-4847

    Email: moc.ssertrofknab@usj



Gina Despain, Banking Center Manager NMLS 1782838


Kim Taylor, VP/Banking Center Manager-Carthage & Hamilton NMLS 992914

Brooklyn Beagles, Assistant Banking Center Manager


Harry Sanchez, Banking Center Manager in Training

Madison Mugrage, Assistant Banking Center Manager in Training


Jamie Peel, AVP Banking Center Manager, Monmouth & Quad Cities

Elizabeth Reitman, Relationship Manager NMLS 1552065

Sonia DeCrane, Banking Center Manager


Carrie Oliver, Assistant Banking Center Manager


Stephanie Parrett, Assistant Banking Center Manager


Jenny Dowd, Assistant Banking Center Manager

Shelly Nosbish, Business Banking Specialist


Scott Jarvis, SVP/Des Moines Division Manager

Stephanie Avery, VP/Mortgage Market Manager NMLS 446578


Terry Finnegan, VP/Financial Advisor


Lee H. GarlachChairman and Chief Executive Officer NMLS 462229

Dean A. Heinzmann, Vice Chairman of the Board NMLS 462228

Andrew J. Bastert,Western Illinois Regional President & Ag Division Manager 462230

Micheal T. Bavery, SVP/Chief Credit Officer & Risk Management  NMLS 432223

Keith Worner, President NMLS 1389899

Brian Kardell, SVP/Information Systems & Operations

Troy McCrey, SVP/Director of Sales & Development NMLS 1281798

Lisa Lewis, SVP/Mortgage Banking NMLS 509281

Jeff Schieferle Uhlenbrock, SVP/Head of Commercial Banking

Shawn Joslyn, VP/Information Technology

Tracy McDowell, Internal Auditor 

Judy Willard, System Data Administrator

Sean McGuire, SVP Financial Officer

Ambrose Rockwell, Systems Administrator 

Jenny Garlach, Treasury Management Specialist

Elyce Billany, Director of Marketing