Nate McConnell


NMLS #777594

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I was born and raised in small town Iowa (Mediapolis to be exact). It is there where my Dad and Mom raised my brother and I with small town values and morals. I also learned to play sports, hunt, fish, and develop an all-around love for just about anything outdoors. In my early 20’s, small-town Iowa wasn’t offering a life of adventure and thrills; I enlisted in the U.S. Army. The military delivered on the “adventure” and over the course of four years, I was deployed to Iraq twice and climbed to the rank of Sergeant before ending my time with the Army. It is there where I discovered my skills of taking care of soldiers and equipment. I was also able to develop leadership qualities and transition all of these skill sets back to my civilian life. Where does my interest of finance and banking come into my life? This started before my time in the military and college. It was sitting at my parent’s kitchen table listening to my parents speak to their financial advisor. I was truly fascinated at how money could grow and be managed to help a family, and this led me to studying finance/economics in college. Fast-forward to now and the things I can bring to your “kitchen table” or “board-room table.” I have a passion for taking care of my customers much like I took care of my soldiers. I will do it all with the skills, hard work, and determination that propelled me through the military. I thrive in a team atmosphere and will bring the best out of my Fortress team members to get the job done for you.