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Introducing the Business Access Account, the perfect solution for your company’s money management needs. Plus, you can say goodbye to unnecessary costs because this account offers the potential of zero fees for your business. You’ll have access to a range of Treasury Management additions that will revolutionize how you handle transactions. Seamlessly send and receive ACH transactions and forget about the hassle of physically depositing checks because you can do it remotely. We’ve got all the features you need at a price you’ll love.


  • Free checking deposit account with up to 200 transactions per month 
  • Online banking including Treasury Management access such as sending or receiving ACH 
  • Remotely deposit physical checks either via mobile app or a dedicated remote scanning machine; no additional fees 
  • No long-term contracts and no hardware or setup fees


  • The base account fee of $50/month is waived when the minimum average balance of $25,000 is held in the account. 
  • The account includes up to 200 monthly transactions; each additional transaction is $0.35.


  • Additional options are available to add on to Business Access 
    • Positive Pay for Checks – $20 / Month 
    • Positive Pay for ACH – $20 / Month
    • Deposit insurance for funds over $250,000


Upgrade to a custom solution! 

  • Initiate domestic and international wires online 
  • Daily ACH remittance detail 
  • Deposit and loan daily sweeps 
  • Earning credits based on deposit balances 
  • …and more!

To get your own custom Treasury Management proposal click here.

*Terms and conditions will be provided at account opening; transactions by definition include individual items deposited, withdrawals, transfers, and other debits and credits within an account.

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